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The Spischak David Quartet also likes to play jazz standards on its own instrumentation, but mostly performs the music of the band leader, in which the common characteristics of composition and improvisation become audible in the quartets own language.

Bop, funk, Latin and other exotic rhythms and sounds from places as from Africa, Japan, with plenty of vitality, sometimes a little humor and the historical range of music. Not even Baroque music remains from the program of the band.

The band is expected to formulate unique and even abstract musical ideas in an elaborate and sophisticated way with a classic jazz quartet lineup to make them clear and accessible as well to a wider audience to provide them understand and enjoy it.

As a result an expressive, clean and entertaining, but really exciting, versatile and extremely rich, beautiful music is springing up.


ImreImre Héder, tenorsaxophone: He began his musical studies at the age of 18 with classical oboe and saxophone. Afterwards he studied at the jazz department of the Bartók Béla Conservatoire in Budapest, where he successfully closed his study in the year 1986. He played already with numerous prominent representatives of the Hungarian jazz scene, like István Regős, Gábor Gadó, István Baló, No-Spa (with Kálmán Oláh, Elemér Balázs and the Czvikovszky brothers), Brass Age (with Mihály Farkas, Tibor Csuhaj Barna), post office humus (Tamás Mohai), together with Tibor Márkus created it in the year 1993 the group of Equinox, in which it played up to the year 2000 saxophone.


AttilaAttila Földesi, drums: Makes music since the age of three. He plays Nu-Metal, Funk-Rock and Fusion equally enthusiastically, but jazz is the closest to him with all its stilistical stands. His musical training began on the private way, became however a student of the Music Studio of Kőbánya in Budapest. He received instructions among others from László Zempléni, Tamás Berdisz, Csaba Pusztai, Imre Köszegi, Vilmos Jávori and its father Csongor Földesi. He played in bands such as Senga Na Lenga, Új Generáció, Kapsa Dixieland, Patai Ethno jazz volume, Monyó Project, as well as Sushi Train and Future Café, Sugarloaf.





Károly Gáspár piano, was born in 1976 and plays the piano since the age of six. Besides his classical studies he started to study jazz as well. In 1998 as a finalist at the Balogh Füsti Gábor Jazz Piano Competition held by the Hungarian Broadcast he received the award Best Ballad Playing. He plays with his own trio as well as with other formations.





DavidDavid Spischak, bass: He began his music studies in Germany at the institute of musiology at the Friedrich Alexander University in Erlangen-Nürnberg and studieg further in Norway at the NTNU in Trondheim, where he successfully completed the master exam in bass. His broad musical and cultural interests are reflected again in his playing and compositions, this can also be recognised as in the most different and unique musical formations he is able to give honestly his best and most valuable. His lecturers were with (among others) Professor Andreas Haug, Professor Bjørn Alterhaug, Professor Kjell Oversand, Jon Krogstad, Dr.Thomas Röder, Erik
Hegdal, Traugott Jäschke. He participated in workshops of lecturers like (among others) Anders Jormin, Miroslav Vitous. Played (selection) Trondheim World Music Ensemble, Djinji (Et annen manns dod), Dissonanzentrio, Ernst Todt quartet, Alexander A. Gronau (library Nemeton), Filip Wisniewski/ Timo Hermannsdörfer/ David Spischak Trio formations.